IHME’s Director of Data Development, Peter Speyer, will present at the Asian Population Association (APA) Conference, a biennial event where researchers, government officials, and staff from non-governmental organizations convene to discuss the latest demographic trends in Asia. This year the APA conference will take place in Bangkok, Thailand.

In response to Asia’s complex demographic changes and various stages of economic development, the APA conference promotes sharing knowledge about connections between economic, demographic, and social trends in Asia, a region that accounts for over half of the world’s population. Featured speakers will present analyses of the most recent Asian demographic data.

Speyer will speak about IHME’s Global Health Data Exchange (GHDx), the first—and currently the only—free data catalog focusing on health and demographic data on a global scale. He will give an overview of the 7,500 datasets cataloged in the tool and discuss ways in which the GHDx makes data easier to find. IHME will also have a booth at the conference where conference-goers can explore IHME’s research, tools, educational opportunities, and the GHDx.