Dr. Lozano, Professor of Global Health, opened the Global Maternal Health Conference 2010 with the first plenary session, “Global progress on maternal health: the numbers and their implications.” In his presentation, Dr. Lozano provided insight into IHME’s latest statistics on global- and country-level maternal mortality and the new methods that have allowed us to see progress by countries over time, including countries that have shown accelerated progress since 1990.

Dr. Lozano also discussed drivers of maternal mortality and how mortality estimates can help inform policymaking at the international, national, and local levels.

The Maternal Health Task Force and the Public Health Foundation of India gathered over 600 maternal health experts from around the world for a technical and programmatic meeting focused exclusively on global maternal health. Building on the existing momentum around Millennium Development Goal 5, this conference worked to increase consensus and coordination around the evidence, programs, and advocacy needed to advance maternal health. More information about the conference is available at the Global Maternal Health Conference 2010 website.