The Association of Health Care Journalists (AHCJ) conference, Health Journalism 2010, brought together more than 500 individuals, including journalists and health experts from around the world, to explore new resources and provide insight into current issues in health journalism.  

IHME presenters

  • Dr. Emmanuela Gakidou, Associate Professor of Global Health and Director of Education and Training

Dr. Gakidou joined Kristen Bronner, Managing Editor, Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care, for a panel discussion moderated by Jeff Porter, Special Projects Director for the AHCJ.  Dr. Gakidou presented new tools for tracking indicators like health care costs and methods for finding untold story ideas in data and maps. She also taught journalists how to use data to accurately depict the health of a population, drawing from IHME’s research on health insurance coverage, life expectancy, disease prevalence, and risk factors such as smoking and obesity. 

  • Dr. Christopher Murray, Institute Director

Dr. Murray participated on a panel that addressed racial and ethnic disparities. Dr. Murray shared insights from IHME’s research on the “Eight Americas,” showing how health outcomes are tied to race, location, and economics.