Dr. Peter Piot, Chair of IHME’s Global Burden of Disease Independent Advisory Committee and Director of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, will be a keynote speaker at the Western Regional International Health Conference, hosted by the University of Washington. IHME Assistant Professor Joseph Dieleman and Researcher Tara Templin will highlight IHME’s health financing and disease expenditure research in the session Where minds and money meet: the policies and economics of health aid in all forms, how to strive for effective investments to improve health. Former IHME Post-Bachelor Fellow Anthony Bui will lead a session at the conference titled Money Talks: Funding Disparities and the Media. This session explores the impact that media have on prioritizing funding for research and the interplay between the media and health.

Members of IHME’s Disease Expenditure (DEX) team will also present their research in poster sessions:

  • Post-Bachelor Fellow Maxwell Birger: “Development assistance and government health expenditure for malaria elimination”
  • Researcher Nafis Sadat: “The association between wealth and health across the life-cycle: Using age- and sex-stratified health outcomes and determinants to identify heterogeneous relationships”
  • Research Associate Matt Schneider: “Tracking development assistance for HIV/AIDS: the international response to a global epidemic”

This year’s conference focuses on Glocalization, emphasizing the interconnected nature of global and local health.