The worst global economic crisis in decades did not stop public and private donors from giving record amounts of money to health assistance for developing countries in 2010. But while funding increased, the rate of growth is slowing down, which raises concerns about the future:

  • Will developed countries meet their commitments to fund health programs in developing nations?
  • Will developing countries be able to meet targets for improvements in population health outcomes?

To address these questions, the Global Health Council, the World Bank/International Finance Corporation (IFC), and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) co-sponsored a roundtable discussion, “Development Assistance for Health during Economic Crisis,” that featured the findings in IHME’s latest report, Financing Global Health 2010: Development Assistance and Country Spending in Economic Uncertainty.

IHME presenter and featured speaker

  • Dr. Christopher J.L. Murray, Institute Director, IHME


  • Ok Pannenborg, Chairman of the Netherlands Government Commission and Program for Global Health Research


  • Bob Emrey, Chief, Health Systems Division, Global Health, USAID
  • Eva Jarawan, Sector Manager, Health, Nutrition & Population Sector, Africa Region, World Bank
  • Bernard Merkel, Minister-Counselor and Head, Food Safety, Health and Consumer Affairs Section, European Union Delegation to the United States
  • Jeremiah Norris, Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute
  • Alexander S. Preker, Head, Health Industry and Investment Policy, IFC