Researchers from IHME and the University of Zambia (UNZA) delivered a year one report on the Malaria Control Policy Assessment (MCPA) project to local government officials, academics, and non-profit organizations in Zambia. 

Researchers reported their initial findings on maternal and child health intervention coverage in the country in an effort to provide policymakers the most up-to-date information on trends in the provinces and districts of Zambia. IHME Post-Graduate Fellow, Tom Achoki, represented the MCPA team at a meeting of the Ministry of Health Monitoring and Evaluation Group. The meeting was an opportunity for the Ministry of Health, the National Malaria Control Centre, and others to discuss these findings with researchers, provide insight into the observed trends, and consult on next steps for the project. 
The research is a collaborative effort between IHME and the UNZA Department of Economics as part of a larger project, the MCPA project. IHME and UNZA will continue their work on the MCPA project in the upcoming year, with the ultimate goal of estimating the proportion of the reduction in child mortality attributable to malaria-control interventions in Zambia, accounting for all other childhood mortality interventions.
The Ministry of Health in Zambia endorsed the work undertaken by this team and has made a significant contribution to this project by facilitating access to data and providing input to the preliminary findings.