IHME Director Dr. Christopher Murray, along with IHME fellows and graduate students, gathered to share the Institute’s latest research with donors to UW Medicine from the Turner Society annual giving club. During the event, “Medicine by the Numbers: Evaluating and Changing Healthcare,” Dr. Murray and UW Medicine CEO Dr. Paul Ramsey spoke to the crowd about the state of US health.

How do US counties fare when compared to nations?

Dr. Murray put a global perspective on life expectancy for American males by comparing life expectancy by county to life expectancy in other countries. The results showed that life expectancy in some counties is similar to that of developing countries, while other counties’ performance was similar to nations with the highest life expectancy.

Turner Society members also got the chance to talk one-on-one with IHME fellows and graduates who presented ground breaking work in a series of poster presentations covering a range of topics from maternal mortality to health financing to malaria control coverage. Below, please feel free to explore the IHME research on display during the event.