Rigorous evidence on building capacity of mid-level practitioners, such as clinical officers and registered nurses, is needed to improve the quality of care. The Integrated Infectious Disease Capacity-Building Evaluation measured the impact of two interventions at 36 health center IVs: integrated management of infectious disease training and on-site support, which included multidisciplinary team training, clinical mentoring, and continuous quality improvement.

We hypothesized that both interventions would improve clinician competence and clinical performance, as well as facility-level performance and health outcomes. The presentation will include innovative measures, analyses, and results.


Marcia Weaver is an economist who specializes in cost effectiveness analysis and outcomes research. She is currently the principal investigator for the Integrated Infectious Disease Capacity-Building Evaluation.

Since 2004, she has had the privilege of working with Accordia Global Health Foundation and the Infectious Diseases Institute in Uganda on the evaluation of training programs, such as the team-based Joint Uganda Malaria Training Program.

Dr. Weaver has 40 publications, including an evaluation of the national training program on syndromic management of sexually transmitted infections in Botswana. Prior to her work with I-TECH, she served as a long-term advisor on health system reform to ministries of health in Niger and Central African Republic.