In the last decade the government of Rwanda has put in place two main policies to strengthen the health system: on the demand side, a community health insurance scheme, and on the supply side, performance-based financing. Evaluation studies of these two interventions have shown great results in terms of increasing the quantities of service used by the population. While in the past financial access was one of the most important barriers to access of health care, the scaling up of community health insurance in the whole country has contributed to an increase in access to health services in Rwanda, even for the poor.

During the talk, Paulin Basinga will describe these policies, the potential synergistic association of them, and the main reasons for the successful scale-up of those interventions at the national level. He will also discuss how to mitigate potential systems effects of constraints in supply-driven demand and the sustainability of these policies in the medium- and long-term.


Before joining the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as a Senior Program Officer on the HIV team early this year, Dr. Basinga was the Deputy Director in charge of research at the School of Public Health in Rwanda.

His research interest areas include impact evaluation and operational research in HIV/AIDS, maternal and child health, tuberculosis, community health insurance schemes, and health policy and planning.

For the past 10 years, he has taught at the School of Public Health in Rwanda, and he has been a visiting lecturer at the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Belgium for the last five years. While with the School of Public Health in Rwanda, he worked closely with the Ministry of Health and different development partners in planning, implementing, and evaluating the scale-up of several health interventions in Rwanda. He was involved in a randomized controlled trial that assessed the impact of performance-based Financing in Rwanda and an evaluation of the impact of community health insurance schemes in Rwanda.

Dr. Basinga obtained his medical degree from the School of Medicine at the National University of Rwanda and his PhD in International Health from Tulane University.