Michael MacIntyre

Chief Strategy and Operations Officer

Michael provides strategic leadership to the Institute as a whole, helping IHME operate efficiently using available resources, and planning for future growth while maintaining high performance and excellence in products. He is a co-founder of IHME. He is responsible for financial and research operations and reporting on key performance indicators across the Institute related to organizational health and performance. Michael manages several relationships with high-level stakeholders. He investigates opportunities for new business development.

In prior positions, Michael gained deep experience related to project management, strategic planning, institutional development and evaluation, and training in various roles at Harvard University, Boston University, and in small business management. The organizations for which he has worked have focused on a variety of public-policy-related fields, including education, politics, community development, public service, and population health. Frequently, his professional roles have involved either redesigning the structure of existing units or building new ones. His professional interests are driven by the desire to use creative and solution-oriented approaches to wed management and intellectual work in a focused and mission-driven manner. He holds degrees in both economics and education. 


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