GBD Study | Edwin Lindo Discusses Police Violence in the United States (1980-2018)

Published September 30, 2021

Video transcript: It is now scientifically documented that you have Black folks who are dying at rates per 100,000 folks that are higher than the likelihood of any person in this country dying in an accident while on their bicycle, or a higher rate of dying than someone contracting measles and dying of that – and the fact that we’ve spent money, investment, and time to make sure that those mortalities from bicycling and measles decrease substantially. 

I then ask the question, how are we not interrogating the deaths that have been declared a public health crisis? Focusing and saying, “We can’t allow this.” If you look at these datasets, they have found that young Black men have a likelihood of 1 in 1,000 of dying at the hands of police. That is terrifying. We have a responsibility, we have an onus to ensure just like any pathology or any other disease in this country that we do not allow people to die from the systems that we’re supposed to be investing in to protect us.