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Pandemic recovery survey

Explore health and wellness for 21 countries post-pandemic.


IHME’s Guide to Global Burden of Disease (GBD) web-based tools

Our guide covers tools that are essential for analyzing GBD estimates and data sources. It also includes definitions for the measures and other dimensions of the data, value lists for each dimension, and more.

IHME's data catalog

While our web-based tools can help with analysis, our data catalog, known as the Global Health Data Exchange (GHDx), stores the source information for our research and datasets to download.

How we make our tools

IHME staff share their experiences building interactive data visualizations for a global audience.


MICROBE key finding

Key finding

Antimicrobial resistance is now a leading cause of death worldwide

Globally, between 1.27 million and 4.95 million people died because of bacterial antimicrobial resistance, more than HIV/AIDS or malaria.


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Global Burden of Disease data visuals

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GBD Compare

Analyze updated data about the world’s health levels and trends from 1990 to 2019 from the Global Burden of Disease (GBD) study.

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GBD Results

View and download estimates of the world’s health from 1990 to 2019.

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Health-related SDGs

Explore progress made toward achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 1990–2021 and projections to 2030.

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WHO Rehabilitation Need Estimator

Analyze estimates of the world’s need for rehabilitation services from 1990 to 2019.

New and recently updated

Interactive Data Visual

Pandemic Recovery Survey

Use this tool to understand the effects of the pandemic on health care and health seeking behavior, attitudes and practices around vaccinations, education, and household financial and food security.

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Data Coverage Map

Use this interactive tool to explore local data coverage for educational attainment and under-5 mortality.

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US Health Map

Explore health trends in the United States by race and ethnicity for all-cause mortality and life expectancy.

Interactive Data Visual

Financing Global Health

Explore patterns of global health financing flows from 1990 to 2050.