Training on our tools

Explore our interactive data visuals with ease by following these step-by-step tutorials. Learn how to filter by the locations, topics, and years that interest you and maximize your understanding of the results. 

For in-depth training on key IHME methods and Global Burden of Disease data and tools, see our available trainings and workshops.


Tutorials: Burden of Proof

Learn how to use the Burden of Proof tool to explore the strength of evidence between health risks and outcomes, indicating the likelihood of certain behaviors have an impact on health. 


Tutorials: COVID-19 projections

Members of the IHME data visualization team explain how to use the "scenarios" and "reported deaths" features of the COVID-19 projections tool. 


Tutorial: COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy By ZIP code

IHME Director Dr. Christopher J. L. Murray and COVID Collaborative CEO John Bridgeland introduce a new visualization tool, showing COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in the US by ZIP code and county.


Tutorial: Rehabilitation need estimator

IHME Researcher Kate Causey describes how to use the first-ever Rehabilitation Need Estimator Visualization Tool, created in a partnership between the Institute for Health Metrics and Organization and the World Health Organization.


Tutorials: Financing Global Health

Learn how to explore trends in health spending worldwide with our 2019 Financing Global Health visualization tool.


Tutorial: Tobacco use worldwide

Explore trends in tobacco use worldwide and by country for the years 1980 to 2012 with our interactive data visualization tool. Use the settings below the graphics to focus on a demographic category or measure of interest (e.g., location, year, age, sex, metric).