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IHMErs (pronounced I-H-M-E-ers) share a passion for mission-driven work with a global mindset. Learn what it's like to be part of our community.
Employee Blog

What's it like to work remotely at IHME?

Remote@IHME is an Employee Resource Group for all staff who identify as remote employees. To get a sense of what it’s like being a remote employee at IHME, we asked the leaders of Remote@IHME a few questions.

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Building a remote community at IHME

People and Performance Specialist, Anna Wisely, shares IHME's journey building a remote work community in the wake of the COVID-19 and beyond.

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Employee spotlights: Maja Pašović, Engagement Manager

Engagement Manager Maja Pašović describes how she learned the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion from her upbringing in Sarajevo, and how she brings those values to her work at IHME.

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Women researchers making waves in global health

For Women's History Month, female researchers in the IHME community share their experiences working in global health, reflect on their accomplishments, and offer career advice to fellow researchers.  

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Faculty Q & A: Dr. Luisa Flor, Assistant Professor

Luisa joined IHME as a Postdoctoral Scholar working on the Global Burden of Disease study (GBD) and on HealthRise, an impact evaluation project, and has grown to be a key leader on both GBD risk factor teams and grant-funded research projects.

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Dr. Ali H. Mokdad named one of the Ramadan Top 30 Illuminators of 2022

Dr. Ali H. Mokdad was named as one of the Ramadan Top 30 Illuminators of 2022 by Hayat Life magazine, which annually recognizes 30 influential cultural Muslims – one for each day of Ramadan – who are making remarkable contributions to society.