Trainings and workshops

A key mission of IHME is to expand uptake of gold-standard methodologies in global health research and promote the usage of sound health evidence to drive effective health policy. To achieve these objectives, IHME offers a variety of education and training opportunities for policymakers and scholars engaged in population health/health metrics research, advocacy, and policy.

Online training

IHME hosts a Learning Portal where all online trainings and resources can be accessed and purchased.

IHME offers a variety of online trainings in key IHME methods, data, and tools. Online trainings are self-paced/directed and can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

IHME Learning Portal

Free online training

Learn how to use the GBD Compare tool

Get ready to explore health data! Learn how to use the GBD Compare tool to investigate health patterns, trends, and challenges around the world. GBD Compare is a tool that allows you to analyze updated estimates of the world’s health for 371 diseases and injuries and 88 risk factors from 1990 to 2021. This course is designed to support learners' ability to use GBD Compare for examining GBD estimates at global, regional, and national levels. As you progress through the course, you will be introduced to both the basic and advanced features of GBD Compare, alongside guidance on how to navigate its interface. Additionally, the course offers insights into the diverse perspectives provided by the tool and how these can be used for examination of health from various dimensions. Moreover, the course emphasizes the practical application of GBD Compare for investigating your questions about health.

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GBD training

Global Burden of Disease (GBD) trainings prepare learners to use and apply GBD data, results, and tools in academic, research, and professional settings. These include online training and workshops intended to build competency to assess and analyze trends and patterns in health outcomes and build proficiency in evidence-based decision-making. Learn about available GBD training opportunities below.

Introduction to the GBD online training

The Introduction to the GBD online training provides an opportunity to become familiar with the GBD study. This provides a general overview of the GBD to help learners understand the conceptual framework, the key metrics, and the analytical strategies used in the study.

This training is designed for individuals who are looking for an introduction to the GBD. This includes researchers, academic leaders, students, policymakers, government employees, and staff from private and nonprofit organizations, foundations, and national and multinational health organizations.

The course consists of nine modules with over 25 lessons that cover a broad range of content to provide skill and knowledge development in key areas. Find descriptions of modules below.

  • GBD Overview: This module provides an overview of the purpose, principles, and working practices of the GBD study.
  • How the GBD Happens: This module covers the technical process for producing the various estimates and metrics of the GBD study.
  • How health is measured in the GBD: This module introduces learners to the key concepts, measures, and estimation techniques used in the GBD.
  • Step-by-step GBD Compare: This module provides an overview of the basic features and functions of the GBD Compare visualization tool.
  • Case studies: There are three case studies included in this course. Each case study highlights how a specific health condition is modeled in the GBD. Case studies highlight how causes of death, nonfatal health outcomes, and risk factors are modeled.
  • Impact stories: Impact stories highlight how the data and estimates produced by the GBD have been used to improve health policy, practice, and outcomes around the world. 

The total cost of the online course is US$49.99.

We also offer organizational rates for institutions interested in purchasing the GBD online training for several staff or students. Please contact us to explore pricing for your organization at [email protected]

GBD workshops

IHME offers workshops on the GBD intended to enhance mastery of data visualization tools, analytical methods used in the estimation process of the GBD, and the ability to communicate results to a variety of stakeholders. GBD workshops provide hands-on learning of analytical methods, data sources, visualization tools, and policy implications, and cultivate connections and knowledge sharing between audiences of engaged practitioners. Training sessions promote debate, discussion, and an open exchange of ideas.

Methods workshops

The focus of the methods workshops is to train academics and researchers involved in health metrics/population-based research in IHME measurement techniques, analytical models, and statistical methods. IHME seeks to propagate the usage of proper methodologies by the health research community for measuring specific health challenges and producing better estimates of important global health issues.

Policy workshops

Policy workshops concentrate on implications of analyses undertaken by IHME and the translation of these analyses into relevant policies to be pursued by national and international agencies. Policy workshops are intended to provide decision-makers with strategies for effective resource allocation for health programs and initiatives, as well as to develop their skills in analyzing and understanding data.

IHME seeks to present evidence for health policy recommendations in an objective way that can be utilized by a diverse group of organizations to help improve the infrastructure of health systems worldwide and the effectiveness of health expenditures.

IHME offers virtual GBD workshops for individuals and organizations interested in learning more about our research methods. For more information and pricing, please contact [email protected].