Global Burden of Disease (GBD)

The GBD study is the largest and most comprehensive effort to quantify health loss across places and over time, so health systems can be improved and disparities eliminated.

607 billion+ highly standardized and comprehensive estimates measure health outcomes and systems.
459 health outcomes and risk factors provide a powerful basis for insights on global health trends and challenges.
204 countries and territories, plus dozens of subnational locations show trends at regional, national, and local levels.
12,000 individuals from over 160 countries and territories collaborate in vetting GBD data sources and estimates.

Featured GBD 2021 publication


Global Burden of Disease 2021: Findings from the GBD 2021 Study

Despite the challenges presented by current global threats, including antimicrobial resistance and climate change, the GBD 2021 study offers a cautiously optimistic outlook for the future of global health, advocating for evidence-based strategies to mitigate risks and enhance health outcomes.

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Scientific Publication

Global, regional, and national burden of gout, 1990–2020, and projections to 2050

GBD data and estimates

Review and download estimates and data sources from the latest GBD study.

a tree map showing that primary causes of health loss include COVID-19, IHD, diabetes, depression, and neonatal disorders

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Search GBD results by national and subnational locations, and get an overview of population health factors like life expectancy, fertility, and causes of death.



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About the GBD study

Everyone, all over the world, deserves to live a long life in full health. One of the largest scientific collaborations in the world, the GBD measures what prevents us from achieving that goal, putting knowledge and tools into the hands of people and groups around the world to make people healthier.

By identifying the biggest health problems, it is helping governments, scientists, and partners advocate for resources and answer questions such as:

  • What diseases, injuries, and risk factors cause the most early death and disability in a given country?
  • How does health performance differ across countries?
  • When designing an intervention to improve the health of young women, which health problems should be targeted to make the greatest impact?



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Collaboration across the scientific community is one of our core principles. From data analysis to policy use, the GBD Collaborator Network is instrumental to the GBD study and affiliated research projects.