Brian Dart

Assistant Director of Visualizations and Web Development

Brian leads a team charged with presenting IHME’s results digitally in a visually compelling way. That includes responsibility for design, creation, implementation, testing, rollout, and maintenance of a myriad of data visualizations and web-based tools. Among them, his team built and maintains GBD Compare, the mainstay source of results for the Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors in a variety of visual displays, including geographic maps, charts, and heat maps. During the COVID-19 pandemic, his team pioneered a range of new visualizations to break down the complex patterns of the pandemic and its relationship to policies and related contextual factors, such as vaccination rates, in a manner that people could easily navigate. Increasingly, his team is taking on tasks that illustrate key storylines that emerge from the data while still allowing users to journey through the data themselves, making their own discoveries.