Caitlyn Steiner

Director, Central Computation

Caitlyn provides direction for the organization’s overall plan and execution of computational machinery to produce a plethora of health indicators. She leads the design, development, and execution of major computational machinery for the Global Burden of Disease (GBD) study, Future Health Scenarios, and a multitude of related projects. Her team plays a critical role in transforming innovative methods into operational analytic pipelines. She identifies ways to increase analytical efficiency and quality through development and maintenance of software and systems to produce results that are comprehensible, relevant, and valuable to decision-makers. She sits at the cross-section of research opportunities and execution.

Caitlyn joined IHME in 2013, beginning as a Project Officer on the GBD study. She coordinated the production of non-fatal health outcomes as well as communications with GBD Collaborators and article production. She has deep knowledge of the GBD and has helped transition it through several stages in multiple releases to incorporate more granular geographic locations, a more extensive set of causes and risks, and more indicators, while continually improving methods. She has more recently helped to begin the same process with Future Health Scenarios.  

Caitlyn earned her BS from the University of Michigan and her MPH from the University of New South Wales.


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