Helen Carter

Assistant Director, Operations

Helen manages purchasing, reimbursements, payroll, and accounts receivable. She oversees a diverse team responsible for seeing that day-to-day operations are completed effectively to serve an increasingly complex set of global needs. Her team handles travel, contracts, program operations, and event support. They enable hosting of visitors from around the world in Seattle, prepare meeting materials, and are an important conduit to multiple administrative and support units at the University of Washington. They are responsible for maintaining the systems that support a widespread workforce across multiple states and countries, enabling the wider team to achieve success. She enables all team members to access the resources – whether on-site or remote – that they may need to be successful. Helen played a significant role in informing the design of the Hans Rosling Center for Population Health – the home of IHME’s offices in Seattle – and is in charge of managing IHME’s part of the larger facility.