Kelsey Bannon

Director of Organizational Development

Kelsey is the Director of IHME’s Organizational Development and Training Team. In this role, she works to provide institutional support for a high-achieving, diverse, and ambitious team while helping to secure resources aligned with IHME’s growth needs. As a member of IHME’s Executive Team, she plays a significant role contributing to overall strategic planning and change management within the organization. The Organizational Development and Training Team spans human resources, learning and development, and proposal development, which funds the Institute. At the heart of IHME’s mission is people, and Kelsey helps the organization fulfill its commitment through recruitment, training, and providing professional development opportunities, all through the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Under her leadership, IHME has expanded its training programs, extended its global presence, diversified its recruitment base, and expanded the spectrum of funded research undertaken, setting the groundwork for the launch of newly funded research and other activities.

Since joining IHME in 2009, Kelsey has served in multiple roles. She helped to launch the proposal development team and helped lead implementation of a number of large-scale, high-impact projects, including evaluations of international donor organizations’ effectiveness, orchestration of the Roux Prize, and launching primary data collection on health system costs in Africa, South America, and Asia. She has represented IHME internationally to a broad coalition of stakeholders, including donors, ministries of health, policymakers, and prospective staff alike.  

Kelsey received her master’s degree from the Evans School of Public Affairs at the University of Washington and her bachelor’s from Scripps College.