Kimberly Cooperrider

Director of Enterprise Data Management

Kimberly leads a team with three objectives that together form a backbone of support for our analyses. The team builds and administers the infrastructure and tools required to store, manage, catalog, and access metadata, input data, intermediate data, and results, both internally and externally. They build and administer the infrastructure and tools required to host and publish content and results to IHME’s websites and for key stakeholders. They also provide data and research engineering for local and small area estimation. Taken together, Kimberly’s team makes billions of data points available for public review and maintains a catalog of thousands of data sources that are used to generate the results. She has held multiple positions at IHME. Among her many accomplishments, she has grown and made more accessible the Global Health Data Exchange (GHDx) – the world’s largest catalog of population health data; helped to drive forward results for the Global Burden of Disease study; and created a flexible, federated database infrastructure. Her team has created tools to aid in cataloging data systematically, extracting it from standard survey series, and examining how data is used in various models. She helps IHME navigate an increasingly complex data landscape internationally to ensure appropriate privacy and security while enabling innovative research.


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