Sarah McCormick

Assistant Director, People and Performance

Sarah is an experienced human resources professional driving human capital leadership and shaping the employee lifecycle at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) within the University of Washington since 2015. She is responsible for recruiting, retaining, and developing a vibrant and diverse team at IHME by devising and executing policies and procedures to enable agile management, effective two-way feedback between managers and staff, providing professional development opportunities, and carrying out various employee relations and engagement programs. Sarah plays an important liaison role with human resources, labor relations, and compensation colleagues at the University of Washington to support IHME in having the people resources we need to impact positive health outcomes globally. Her team is responsible for helping to make IHME a great place to work, with engaged team members across the organization feeling well-supported and imbued with a sense of purpose to achieve our mission. Her dynamic team oversees a range of critical functions, including recruitment, onboarding, employee engagement, employee relations, performance development, professional development, supervisory mentorship, as well as people data management and analysis. Prior to joining IHME, Sarah worked at the UW’s Information School.