William Heisel

Executive Director, Client Services

Bill leads a social enterprise that supports innovation at IHME. He manages a diverse client base and galvanizes the interest of private-sector organizations to advance the impact of IHME’s results and to gather real-world feedback. Bill oversees an agile team focused on building strong relationships, fielding new ideas, and pursuing mutually beneficial opportunities. Previously, as the Director of Global Engagement at IHME, he oversaw the Institute’s outreach and relationship building, including media relations, digital communications, data library services, events and marketing, scientific communications, and external relations. He also spearheaded the organization’s fundraising efforts. Under his leadership, the Global Burden of Disease Collaborator Network began its substantial expansion beyond modest roots. In addition, his team administered the Roux Prize, one of global health’s highest honors. Bill, who joined IHME in 2009 after a career as a reporter, has a BA in Journalism and Spanish from the University of Montana.