Causes of Death (COD) Visualization

Updated April 3, 2024

Open data visual

Where do we have the best data on different health conditions? For any age group, see where various data sources have placed trends in causes of death over time. You can examine more than 350 causes in both adjusted and pre-adjusted numbers, rates, and percentages for 204 countries and territories. Data are available for download on the visualization.

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  • Time Series: This view displays data by time series, which allows you to view trends over time.
  • Age Pattern: This view displays the data by age patterns, or what ages are most affected by this disease or illness.
  • Map: This view displays estimates globally for comparison across countries by age and year.
  • #: This estimate shows the number of deaths for the selected country-year-age-sex.
  • Rate per 100K: This estimate shows, in a single country-year-age-sex, the deaths due to cause X divided by the population.
  • %: This estimate shows the cause-specific mortality fraction in a single country-year-age-sex group: the deaths due to cause X divided by the total deaths.
  • Log (e): Natural logarithm
  • Outliers: Data points that were marked to not be included in the modeled time trend.
  • Raw: Raw data shows data points prior to redistribution and age/sex-unknown correction.
  • Corr: Corrected data shows data after correction for age/sex-unknown.
  • Redist: Redistributed data shows estimates after correction for garbage codes.
  • Final: Final data shows estimates after smoothing.
  • Current Year-Age: Displays estimates for the currently selected year and age group.
  • Years: Displays estimates for all years (1980–2021) within the currently selected age group.
  • Ages: Displays estimates for all ages within the currently selected year.
Open data visual


Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME). Causes of Death (COD) Data Visualization. Seattle, WA: IHME, University of Washington, 2024. Available from (Accessed [INSERT DATE])

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