COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy

Updated June 24, 2021

Explore changes in vaccine hesitancy in the United States through February 2022 with this interactive visualization tool. Based on survey responses, the tool shows percentage of people who are fully or somewhat hesitant towards the COVID-19 vaccine for 32,900 ZIP codes and 3,100 counties.

Data and findings

Data source: The Delphi Group at Carnegie Mellon University U.S. COVID-19 Trends and Impact Survey, in partnership with Facebook

Download the results from the tool

Vaccine Hesitancy Findings (March 9, 2022) - This document provides definitions and key takeaways from the files that follow:

Open data visual


Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME). COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy. Seattle, WA: IHME, University of Washington, 2021. Available from (Accessed [INSERT DATE])

Browser notes

  • Use the latest version of Chrome, Edge, Safari, or Firefox.
  • Use Ctrl+0 to reset the browser zoom. Sometimes having the browser zoomed in or out interferes with the layout or a few mouse-dependent properties.
  • If the visualization isn't loading or looks distorted, try clearing your cache. See's-Cache for pointers.