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Published October 10, 2022

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The Burden of Proof tool shows the strength of evidence between health risks and outcomes, indicating the likelihood of certain behaviors have an impact on health. The tool uses a novel star-rating system to rank each pair from 1-5, based on both the magnitude of risk shown by studies to date, as well as the consistency of findings between those studies. Explore the star ratings and risk-outcome scores for outcomes including cancers, heart disease, and stroke related to four health risks: smoking, high blood pressure, unprocessed red meat consumption, and low vegetable consumption.

Note: The tool currently displays 50 risk-outcome pairs related to the Burden of Proof manuscript and related risk-outcome score papers. There will be a second release that will include a larger set of risk-outcome pairs at a later date.













Scientific Publication

Health effects associated with chewing tobacco: a Burden of Proof study