Air quality and health in cities

Published August 17, 2022

This report provides an overview of air pollution levels and associated health impacts in cities around the world. Since urban areas are often hotspots for poor air quality, city-level data can help to inform targeted efforts to curb urban air pollution and improve public health. This report draws on data from the Global Burden of Disease project and from peer-reviewed analyses led by Susan Anenberg of the George Washington University.

About the State of Global Air

The State of Global Air (SoGA) is a research and outreach initiative to provide reliable, meaningful information about air quality around the world. A collaboration of the Health Effects Institute and the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation’s Global Burden of Disease project, the program gives citizens, journalists, policymakers, and scientists access to high-quality, objective information about air pollution exposure and its health impacts. All data and reports are free and available to the public.


Health Effects Institute. 2022. Air Quality and Health In Cities: A State of Global Air Report 2022. Boston, MA:Health Effects Institute.