Unintentional injuries in Mexico, 1990–2017: findings from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017

Published April 1, 2020, in Injury Prevention (opens in a new window)


To date, the burden of injury in Mexico has not been comprehensively assessed using recent advances in population health research, including those in the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017 (GBD 2017).


We used GBD 2017 for burden of unintentional injury estimates, including transport injuries, for Mexico and each state in Mexico from 1990 to 2017. We examined subnational variation, age patterns, sex differences and time trends for all injury burden metrics.


Unintentional injury deaths in Mexico decreased from 45 363 deaths (44 662 to 46 038) in 1990 to 42 702 (41 439 to 43 745) in 2017, while age-standardised mortality rates decreased from 65.2 (64.4 to 66.1) in 1990 to 35.1 (34.1 to 36.0) per 100 000 in 2017. In terms of non-fatal outcomes, there were 3 120 211 (2 879 993 to 3 377 945) new injury cases in 1990, which increased to 5 234 214 (4 812 615 to 5 701 669) new cases of injury in 2017. We estimated 2 761 957 (2 676 267 to 2 859 777) disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) due to injuries in Mexico in 1990 compared with 2 376 952 (2 224 588 to 2 551 004) DALYs in 2017. We found subnational variation in health loss across Mexico’s states, including concentrated burden in Tabasco, Chihuahua and Zacatecas.


In Mexico, from 1990 to 2017, mortality due to unintentional injuries has decreased, while non-fatal incident cases have increased. However, unintentional injuries continue to cause considerable mortality and morbidity, with patterns that vary by state, age, sex and year. Future research should focus on targeted interventions to decrease injury burden in high-risk populations.

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Híjar M, Pérez-Núñez R, Hidalgo-Solórzano E, Hernández Prado B, Valdez-Santiago R, Hamilton EB, James SL, Bertolacci GJ, Cunningham M, Dingels ZV, Fox JT, Liu Z, Roberts NLS, Sylte DO, Agudelo-Botero M, Borges G, Cahuana-Hurtado L, Campos-Nonato IR, Cardenas R, Davila-Cervantes CA, Denova-Guiterrez E, Diaz D, Lansingh VC, Martinez G, Montero-Zamora PA, Servan-Mori E, Lozano R. Unintentional injuries in Mexico, 1990–2017: findings from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017. Injury Prevention. 1 April 2020. doi:10.1136/injuryprev-2019-043532.


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