Financing Global Health 2010: Development Assistance and Country Spending in Economic Uncertainty

Published November 30, 2010

Financing Global Health 2010: Development Assistance and Country Spending in Economic Uncertainty shows the continued rise in development assistance for health globally and provides a comprehensive picture of the total amount of health funding flowing from aid agencies, governments, and private donors to developing countries. It also shows the dramatic increase in health spending by developing countries on their own health projects and the way development assistance for health appears to affect those domestic funding decisions.

This is the second annual publication on global health financing, providing valid and consistent time series data for tracking global health resources and offering in-depth analyses. To make our report more current, IHME developed new analytical methods that draw on government budgets, expenditure patterns, and data from funders to make preliminary estimates for 2009 and 2010, overcoming a two-year lag in the reporting of health assistance.

May 2011-Update statistical annex

IHME is committed to advancing new methods in measurement and evaluation. We have applied an updated method to calculate the World Bank’s contributions to development assistance for health (DAH), and have revised the estimates in Table 5 of the Financing Global Health 2010 statistical annex to reflect the change. The PDF version of the report downloadable from this page reflects the updated numbers. 


Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. Financing Global Health 2010: Development assistance and country spending in economic uncertainty. Seattle, WA: IHME, 2010.

Supporting documents

Overview (284KB pdf*)
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Chapter 1: Tracking development assistance for health (175KB pdf*)
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Chapter 2: Distribution of development assistance for health (10.2MB pdf*)
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Chapter 3: Spending on health by developing country governments (132KB pdf*)
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Chapter 4: Impact on development assistance for health on country spending (4.7MB pdf*)
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Conclusion and references (178KB pdf*)
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Methods annex (1.5MB pdf*)
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Statistical annex (2.7MB pdf*)
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