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Publication date: 
March 2, 2015


Dengue is a vector-borne disease that causes a substantial public health burden within its expanding range. Several modeling studies have attempted to predict the future global distribution of dengue. However, the resulting projections are difficult to compare and are sometimes contradictory because the models differ in their approach, in the quality of the disease data that they use, and in the choice of variables that drive disease distribution. In this review, we compare the main approaches that have been used to model the future global distribution of dengue and propose a set of minimum criteria for future projections that, by analogy, are applicable to other vector-borne diseases.


Messina JP, Brady OJ, Pigott DM, Golding N, Kraemer MUG, Scott TW, Wint GRW, Smith DL, Hay SI. The many projected futures of dengue. Nature Reviews Microbiology. 2015 March 2; 13:230-239. doi:10.1038/nrmicro3430.